What we offer

  • Latest pro-audio software
  • Stable, secure and super-fast operating system
  • For desktop, laptop and mini notebook1
  • Low latency recording
  • Cross-platform DAW system synchronization via network, word clock, optical ADAT or S/PDIF
  • DAW session exchange (Ardour, Pro Tools etc.)
  • Personalized system optimization, software selection and support

Audio software

  • Ardour DAW
  • More then 100 FX plug-ins2
  • VSTi and VST
  • LinuxDSP LV2 plug-ins
  • Renoise
  • EnergyXT
  • Pianoteq
  • DiscoDSP synths
  • Linux audio session management
  • JACK and MTC video synchronization
  • Midi sequencers
  • Software sampler
  • Drums & Beats
  • DJ software
  • Audio editors
  • Music notation
  • Sample packs
  • moreā€¦

Multimedia software

  • 3D content creation suite
Info and support via E-mail, Internet (ssh), chat and VoIP available.


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