Openstudiopro - Creative music production on a stable platform

Five years ago we started to explore the unique features of the GNU/ Linux distribution Ubuntu for music production and audio engineering. We found out that it wasn't only stable but it was also surprisingly intuitive to use!

The best of both worlds

Open-source audio software like LinuxSampler, Qtractor and especially Ardour proved to be good alternatives to comparable tools on Windows and Mac like Gigasampler and ProTools. Moreover hundreds of other audio tools are a very nice addition to any studio where people wants to create a unique sound or to mix and master audio in a powerful way.

Since our first experiences with Ubuntu, the situation only got better and this made several audio software vendors decide to ship their software for Ubuntu. Just recently Harrison Consoles released their amazing Harrison Mixbus Digital Audio Workstation for Ubuntu.

Other nice examples of software vendors which do see the potential of Ubuntu as proaudio platform are: Pianoteq virtual piano, Energy-XT, Linux DSP plugins, Loomer plugins, DiscoDSP synths and of course the best tracker software available today: Renoise.

All tools are just there!

We strongly believe that a combination of these quality open-source audio software together with software like Harrison Mixbus, Linux DSP plugins, Renoise and Pianoteq is interesting for almost every musician and studio.

Our service and deals

To help you to get the best out of this, we offer you our support. Ubuntu is made for the Desktop. We make sure it will be ready for your studio, the birth of Openstudiopro! It will be optimized for low-latency recording and we do ship the latest up-to-date open-source audio software. Moreover we made some nice deals for you with our partners like AATranslator and Linux DSP.

Your benefits

Let's list the most important advantages:

  • Great audio software for lower costs
  • DSP plugins, synths, DAW, drummachine, timestretching: All tools are just there!
  • Stable platform, ideal for low-latency recording
  • More freedom as software user (unlimited audio tracks and buses)
  • Easy sessions convert between DAWs via AATranslator

Get it in your studio!

For more info, pricing and support don't hesitate to contact us!

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