• Openstudiopro is optimized for proaudio and based on the stable and intuitive operating system Ubuntu.
  • Including a wide range of proaudio software like Ardour, Renoise and Energy-XT
  • For desktop and laptop
  • Import from and export to different Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) formats (Ardour, Cubase, Reaper, Logic, Pro Tools etc.)
  • Support via moc.liamg|snoitcudorpoidutsnepo#liam-e chat and Skype.

Audio software

  • Ardour
  • Renoise
  • Energy-XT
  • Qtractor
  • LinuxDSP VST and LV2 plugins (full)
  • AATranslator (DAW session exchange)
  • Gigasample software
  • OpenOctaveMidi for Orchestral / Bigband composing
  • Pianoteq virtual piano
  • Scorewriter software
  • And moreā€¦
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